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Why Do Razor Blades Get Dull So Quickly?

Most of us assume that razor blades become dull like other sharp cutting instruments such as kitchen knives or scissors.  Those types of blades dull as they repeatedly cut into other objects that are dense enough to grind down the sharp cutting edge of the blade over time.  However, razor blades are only cutting hair which is not strong enough to grind down a metal razor blade.  So why do razor blades become dull at all, and why so quickly after just a few shaves?  In fact, most of us even notice a difference from the first shave with a razor to the second.  What’s going on?

First, razors are made extremely sharp by narrowing the blade from a thicker edge at it’s top to a very fine, thin edge at the bottom.  That “razor thin” edge is what makes the first shave with a new razor feel amazing.  But immediately after that first shave something starts to happen… corrosion.  

Corrosion happens when water, salt, and oxygen interact with metal.  Yes, even if you rinse your blade well and shake off the excess water, there are minuscule droplets of water left on the blade as well as salt picked up from your skin.  The water and salt begin interacting with the oxygen in the air, and the corrosion process begins.  Corrosion is the process of the moisture oxidizing into iron oxide.  What is iron oxide?  RUST!  Yes, rust.  Invisible to the naked eye, that very fine edge of your razor blade begins to rust, and small pieces of the edge begin to flake off (see photo), turning a once finely milled sharp edge into a jagged edge.  That jaggedness creates the sensation of a dull blade… not to mention the pulling and nicking that we all have had happen all too often. 

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