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What the Big Shaving Companies Don't Want You to Know

Never Used a Shaving Oil? 
You Have Got to Read This

Ever stop to think about that is the purpose of shaving cream, foam, and soap?  Well they were created to serve two purposes:

  1. Provide a layer of lubricant between your face and the razor blade
  2. Soften the hairs so they are easier for the blade to cut

Let’s take them one at a time.  Then we’ll discuss the essential 3rd and 4th purposes “apparently” forgotten by the big shaving companies.

1. Lubrication

Step back and reflect on the idea of taking the sharpest edge that can be created out of metal and scraping it across your most sensitive skin areas multiple times.  For perspective, a man scrapes the blade across his face over 150 times each time he shaves!  That’s over 2 million times in a lifetime!  It sounds crazy, but lubrication provides a thin layer between the blade and skin preventing the blade from scraping and cutting the skin… sometimes.  When you thin of a shaving foam, it’s hard to convince yourself that a foam is the best lubricant in the world, isn’t it?  Perhaps a gel is a bit more likely to be a good lubricant, but shaving gels are made to apply as a gel but then turn into a foam!  What’s the point?

Now I probably don’t need to convince you that an oil is a far superior lubricant than any foam or gel foam.  It’s quite obvious, but what about the other factors that go into shaving?

2. Softening Hairs

The second priority of shaving products is to soften the hairs to make them more pliable, as the razor cuts through.  Again it’s probably quite obvious.  Softer things are easier to cut than harder things, and that is true even for hair.  So how do foams and gels compare to natural oils.  It might stand to reason that a foam or gel would provide adequate softening of the hairs.  That would even more true if most of the foams and gels didn’t contain alcohol which has the effect of drying things out.  But the key to softening hairs is to have the hairs absorb water.  That’s what makes the hairs soft and pliable!  Enter shaving oils.  After wetting the skin, applying shaving oils locks the moisture in between the skin and the surface of the oil forcing the hairs to absorb more of the water.  That’s the secret!  Foams can’t do that.  So a shaving oil results in softer hairs, easier cutting, and prevention of all the tugging of hairs and dislodgement of hair roots that occurs when hairs are tough and resistant.  Starting to see why 84% of people say they experience razor burn, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs regularly after shaving?  Perhaps, but there’s even more to this story.

3. Nourishment

Ok, nourishment might be a bit dramatic, but the fact is that when you shave your skin is subjected to trauma, yes trauma.  The blade scraping across your skin causes your body to react the same way it reacts to injuries.  The body’s response mechanism is send all sorts of antibodies to fight the trauma, and this causes inflammation.  Inflammation in this scenario is not good.  Redness and rash can occur.  Pores get pushed closed from the pressure then hairs can’t escape causing ingrown hairs.  The result is the myriad of skin irritation symptoms men and women face after shaving.  So why don’t the big shaving companies try to do something about this?  Well because they don’t really care.  Remember, at this point, you’ve just used all of there products… the razor, the razor handle, the shaving foam or gel, oh and maybe even there “after shave” which typically feels good for a minute… because it has alcohol which feels cool on your skin, but makes things even worse!

An all-natural shaving oil doesn’t contain all of the harsh and artificial ingredients that serve two purposes: trick people into thinking they are working AND make the product crazy cheap so you don’t think twice about buying it.  Heck, you can get a giant can of shaving foam for $.99 scents these days.  However, if people knew what was in that stuff, they wouldn’t allow it in their homes nonetheless on their skin. 

Not all shaving oils are created equal, however.  Some actually contain artificial chemicals as well.  However, a high quality, all natural, shaving oil has the potential to not only provide the best Lubrication and Hair Softening, but Healing as well.  As an example, BladeShield Oil contains 15 different all natural and essential oils.  Each of these have been shown for years to assist in multiple ways toward helping the post-shave Healing process.  Here a just a few examples:

  • Sweet Almond, Sandalwood, Lavender, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Palmarosa oils in BladeShield have all been demonstrated to be Anti-Inflammatory agents.
  • Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, and Lavender oils are Hydrating and Moisturizing agents.
  • Tea Tree, and Grapefruit are Antiseptic agents.
  • Coriander Seed, Cedarwood, and Grapefruit are Anti-Acne agents.

And these are just a few of the highlights.  (read more:  Guide to Essential Oil Benefits in Men’s Skincare).

Now compare that to some of the ingredients found in a single can of a leading shaving foam:


Why would all this crap be in their product?  Because it’s cheap to make, and uninformed consumers buy the cheapest product.  It’s sad but true.

4. Environment

Now you may not be a tree hugging environmentalist, but you have to appreciate there are over 2 billion razor blade cartridges thrown into landfills each year.  The sad part is that a razor blade is potentially not a big harm.  If taken apart, the metal would just rust away and not take up landfill space, and the plastic could be recycled.  But who do you know that would actually try to take apart a razor blade cartridge?  Yeah, us too.  More on that in a minute.  The other issue at hand are those large cans of plastic and metal shaving foams and gels.  The issue is not insignificant.  So how might a shaving oil help?

BladeShield oil is 100% recyclable.  From the shipping packaging to the bottle.  Simply drop the bottle in your recycling bin when done, and you are already helping the environment.  Oh, and we fill a solid colored bottle with 10% of product just to make it look big like shaving foam companies do.  We give you the volume of oil you need for 6 months in the smallest container to hold it.  Simple and smart.

But what about all those razor blade cartridges?  We conducted extensive research to identify and include a few specific essential oils that are not only good for your skin but are proven to prevent metal from corroding.  Corrosion is the cause of your razor blades going dull.  (Read: Why Do Razor Blades Get Dull So Quickly?).  So BladeShield Oil will make your razor blades stay sharp and last longer.   How much longer?  At least twice as long and probably a lot longer than you would ever imagine.  Result, fewer razor cartridges going into landfills AND, you save money having to rebuy cartridges all the time.  For those of us who appreciate a shave, the best part of this story is that you get more shaves that feel as good as the first shave with a new cartridge.

5. Bonus Myth Buster

People sometimes think putting an oil on their skin will clog pores or cause acne.  Indeed some oils do.  But that is not at all true for all oils.  Oils are rated on a scale called the Comedogenic scale.  Oils high on the scale could clog pores and are considered comedogenic, but those low on the scale do not and are non-comedogenic.  Every oil in BladeShield is non-comedogenic.  In fact some oils such as Olive oil are shown to actually break up and unclog pores.  Others are Anti-acne agents.  Don’t get sucked into the marketing of the big shave companies that just want to use cheap artificial chemicals.

So now you know why BladeShield is the fastest growing shaving solution on the market.  Stop throwing your money at the big shaving companies who don’t care about your shaving issues, what you are putting on your skin, or the environment.  Try BladeShield today.  If you don’t like it, for any reason whatsoever, we’ll simply refund your money.  You don’t even need to return it.  Try that with the big guys.

We appreciate your support and hope that this information leads you to a better shave and some extra money in your pocket. 


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