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How to Keep Your Blades Sharp (Hint: Stop them from Rusting!)



Nobody likes piling up the expense of replacing razor blade cartridges, not to mention the environmental impact of over 2 billion razor blades dumped into landfills each year.

Since razor blades become “dull”, or more accurately speaking, jagged, due to rust causing the blade edge to flake off, it may seem there is nothing you can do to prevent this.  However, oil is the most common antidote used in heavy industrial applications to prevent rust in some of the most corrosive environments.  In fact, the reason “oil and water don’t mix” is because oil has hydrophobic (repels water) properties.  So it stands to reason that putting oil on your razor blade would prevent rusting and keep your blade from becoming dull, right?  Well it’s not quite that simple


In the research and development of BladeShield Oil, several very important considerations were required:

  1. Face Appropriate
    Not every oil is appropriate to come into contact with your face. Oils have comedogenic ratings which indicate that likelihood of clogging pores.  High comedogenic ratings are likely to cause bad things like acne.  BladeShield is formulated with a blend of essential oils that are non-comedogenic meaning they do not clog pores.  In fact, the essential oils in BladeShield Oil have qualities that unclog pores and enhance your skin!  Read more about all the skin enhancing benefits of BladeShield Oil here.

  2. Hydrophobic
    Not all oils are equally hydrophobic.  The reason some oils are more hydrophobic is because they have an ability to “cling” to the metal better than others creating a strong bond and effective seal around the metal that is not easily washed away making them highly hydrophobic.  BladeShield Oil has been formulated using select oils that are not only great for your skin but tested and proven to have extremely high hydrophobic properties.
  1. Feel
    Oils have different textures, viscosity, and absorption profiles that determine how they feel on your skin.  Nobody wants to put something on their skin that feels oily.  When you use BladeShield Oil, you will be amazed at how nice it feels on your skin.  We use a blended formula of all-natural oils to create an oil that not only protects your blade, but feels great, and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized…. NOT OILY.

  2. Smell
    Ok, this kind of goes without saying, but if an oil is good at protecting your blade but stinks up your bathroom and skin, then it’s a no go.  One of the things our customers tell us after trying BladeShield Oil is that they absolutely love the scent.  It is a mild scent (nothing like your dad’s after shave) designed to smell great but not overpowering.   Trust us, you will love it, and your significant other will too.

So there you have it!  You can prevent your blades from rusting by using a blend of oils that are highly hydrophobic, nourishing for your skin, feel really good, and smell great.  It’s a very hard combination of criteria to achieve, and that is why we are so proud to offer BladeShield.  Three drops on your blade following a shave, and say goodbye to fast dulling blades.

BONUS: Use BladeShield Oil instead of shaving cream, and you will get the best shave of your life.

BladeShield - All Natural Shaving Oil 


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